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About RisK-Gaming

A long time ago in a room far far away and 56K dial up... two gamers began pitting their wits and abusing each other in Aliens-vs-Predator 2. They formed a clan setup a server and grew becoming one of the best. As time passed a new game was on the horizon Planetside.

We made new allegiances and friends and found that most of us shared a mature and twisted sense of humour which some deemed offensive....and we embraced it.

As time passed again (as it does) there was a rumour of a ground breaking new concept never attempted before called World of Warcraft. So off we went again to explore this new world playing Horde on Daggerspine.

We invited many to join us which resulted in numbers to conquer Molten Core a 40 man raid which also resulted in wiping for weeks on the first trash we encountered.

The founding farters rebelled blaming our lack of progression on tainting the purity of RisK with nubs.

Servers were popping up left right and centre and due to technical issues on Daggerspine (but mostly wanting to leave the twats behind) we rerolled the dice and the hardcore of RisK moved to Lightnings Blade to hug trees, kiss and be nicey nicey alliance players.

But we were few and not wanting to open our doors once more made MC a distant memory and then we were approached by a guild in a similar position. We joined forces and ripped through MC,AQ and everything we put our minds to.

But there was unrest within the other guild players and after a while without warning it was disbanded.

The refugees sought haven and RisK was reborn with little or no effect on our progression. Others lured by the awe of our amazingness joined and in time RisK became one of the best guilds on LB. Due to the server imballance RisK decided to move to The Maelstrom a few months ago and that is where we call home....for now.

But Wow was not the only game to play now and some of us setup shop in Conan, Lord of the Rings, Aion and Star Wars but we all kept in touch through the forums to this date putting friendship and humour above fat lootz and progress.

So there you have it, if you feel that you want to join a bunch of disturbed individuals who like to enjoy themselves make a post and apply.

Preference will be shown to those with neked pictures.

RisK...taking the piss since 2001




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